How to turn a one-off investment of £100 into a substantial income of £1000 per week in only 10 weeks!

“How to Make £200 a Day Without a Job!”

“Unemployed Graphic Designer Reveals How He Rakes In Over £1000 a Week by Cashing In On This Virtual ATM Machine”

Hello there,

Let me get straight to the point...

If you’re interested in finding out how you can make £200 a day or more without a job, as a result of a reasonably well known, but often misused opportunity which is available to us all, then you need to read on...

This isn’t another of those silly internet opportunities or anything to do with mail order, sports betting, MLM, internet marketing or affiliate schemes – but you can start making money straight away, without any experience, prior knowledge and with a small starting capital.

I must just say that if you are one of those people who want to make a fortune overnight without putting any time in, then I’m afraid this isn’t for you. But if you are willing to start slowly and follow my instructions, within 10 weeks you will be able to earn around £200 a day or £1000 a week using my method.

Still with me? Good...

Of course, I realise times are very tough at the moment...

Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs. Millions more are scared of losing theirs. And those still in work are seeing their standard of living fall through the floor – with only an uncertain pension to look forward to.

No, things don’t look good for a lot of ordinary folk and I should know...

My name is Robert and only a couple of years ago I was raking in what seemed like a very substantial income as a Graphic Designer for a huge national company. As well as the salary, the benefits package was great, the hours were flexible and not too high and I thought I had reached the point in my career where I could get on my with job every day, which I enjoyed by the way, and enjoy my personal life to the full. And then the rumblings of the credit crunch began, and by the time it hit my whole world as I knew it had ground to a halt – almost overnight!

The entire creative side of the business was closed down and outsourced to a company in Kuala Lumpur to save money and as a result I was out of a job along with all of my colleagues. I expected it to only be temporary, but the long empty weeks turned into long empty months. It took a while for the penny to drop, but after about four months I realised that this wasn’t going away any time soon. With the credit crunch in full swing, companies weren’t taking on new employees and those that were had opted to take on graduates in order to save money. Anyone experienced like myself was deemed over qualified and nobody would take me on as a result.

I needed something fast as my wife and I were struggling to make ends meet. But what could I do?

The only thing I’d ever done was Graphic Design, and with the creative industry in a downward spin that seemed to be a dead end. In addition, there was little or no chance of me getting a job doing anything else. Why would they take me on with so many qualified people on the dole?

I considered everything. How about starting a business? But what do I know about that? Besides this, I had several friends who were self-employed and they were all suffering the wrath of the recession. I couldn’t give up though as something was nagging away in the back of my mind.

You see I once bought a book while I was at college 14 years ago that I had flicked through but never actually done anything with. The book was one of the first “self-improvement” books to be written by someone in the UK. It came with a VHS video cassette (yes, it was that long ago!) which I had never even opened. There was something that I remembered about there always being opportunity no matter what the circumstances. I couldn’t remember quite what it was all about but I wanted to have a proper look. I searched my house high and low and I couldn’t find it, but I was sure I hadn’t thrown it away. It wasn’t until I was at my parents’ house helping them clear their loft that I came across a cardboard box with my name written on it in black felt tip. I ripped open the box and lo and behold, there was some of my old college work, and in amongst it was a white VHS case. I rummaged a little further through the box at there at the bottom was the book I had been looking for.

When I got home that night I read the entire book from start to finish and by the time I finished it was 3.30am. Like I said, it was a self-improvement book but not one of those American schmaltzy type of affairs. No, this one had been written by a UK businessman who had made his fortune and put many of his techniques and experiences into this book. The next morning I got my old VHS video player out of my loft (I’m not sure why I even kept it, but I'm glad I did) and connected it to my TV. I opened the VHS cassette which came with this book for the first time ever and watched the whole thing. It was just under 3 hours long, but I had nothing better to do with my time so I sat and watched and took it all in.

This video was all about making a living from Financial Spread Betting. The funny thing was that the VHS video that I had watched was so old that the methods used to actually put it into practice meant that you had to open and close your trade via telephone, as the internet was still relatively young at this time.

So, surely this was all out of date and the information was useless? But what if modern technology had made it much easier?

After not a lot of effort I came across all manner of courses, experts, systems etc. etc. which promised to make you a constant income from trading the financial markets in return for a small fortune. In addition to this you would need a large starting bank before you could even get started.

The problem was that I wasn’t in the position to be able to purchase any of these courses, let alone the money for a starting bank! But there was something in this that was niggling away at me and I couldn’t just walk away. I went back over that VHS video and tried to find the modern alternative of what it contained, but there were many areas that were missing or just didn’t transfer into the modern way of doing things. I was faced with a half-baked method which was about as much use as the proverbial chocolate teapot.

But I never gave up!

After spending a great deal of time researching, learning and practicing on paper, I finally managed to fill in the gaps through much trial and error. I had eventually come up with a method which seemed to be making constant theoretical profits. Small profits, but profits all the same. I was still nervous of trying it for real so I left it for a couple of weeks through fear of failure. But eventually I had to give it a go so I opened up a real account and put in my real £50, which I had calculated was the minimum I would need to try this out.

And guess what?...

It failed. I lost my £50 within 2 days. I was devastated and was back to square one. I dropped the whole thing and went back to pondering my future and feeling sorry for myself.  How could it have gone so wrong? It worked so well in my tests but when I tried it for real I might as well have just thrown my money in the bin!

Despite trying to move on, I just couldn’t get my test results out of my head. Through boredom, I picked up my old book again and flicked through it several times, reading the odd paragraph from various chapters at random. Then I found something which struck a chord. There was a whole section in there about emotions. The upshot of this section was that many business ventures fail to get off the ground for one predominant reason – emotions. The fear of action can sometimes overwhelm us and have a knock-on effect on the result.


I went back to my methods and looked back over my original test results. Everything added up. I pulled up the records for the two days I tried this for real and I noticed something. Despite me thinking I was doing the same thing as I did in my tests, there was one extra thing I was doing... Hesitating!

Yes, I had missed several good opportunities through hesitating. I must have been worried about losing my £50, which caused me to act differently that I had in my tests. By hesitating I had missed out on the opportunity to make the profit I should have done.

But what next?...

I had no option but to try again, only this time I imagined I was trying it out instead of doing it for real. It wasn’t easy to get into this frame of mind but once I did, something wonderful happened...

I made a profit!

I repeated this again and again, following the method I had created to the letter. There were times when I was tempted to deviate from my method but I stuck to it and it worked a treat.

There was a problem though...

Up until now, although I had come up with a method that created consistent profits, the gains were very small and unless I had a huge amount of capital to invest in this it would never make me anything close to a living. So it seemed that all my hard work and excitement had been for nothing because it wouldn’t work for me unless I had a large amount to invest. I had to put the whole thing on the back burner and try to get on with my life as best I could. Although I couldn’t stop thinking about my method and ways I could make it work, I was unable to pin it down.

This went on for several weeks until...

I was reading a self-help book that a friend had given me to read (he must have sensed my despair!) when I stumbled across something which made me freeze on the spot. You know when you read something over and over again and can’t get past a certain sentence? That’s what happened. All these thoughts were rushing through my head and suddenly I was filled with excitement once again that I could possibly make my method work for me after all.

In this book was a section about business in general, and the part that particularly got my interest was a relatively simple concept which dates back to Babylonian times around 4000 years ago. It is something which seems to have been lost and found throughout history, with Albert Einstein supposedly calling it the 8th Wonder of the World. Further research into this concept came up with some interesting ideas, although I did not feel at all comfortable with the way this concept was being used by the majority of people. It was still far too risky for my liking. So I played around with the variables and finally came up with a formula I was comfortable with.

This was the missing piece to my puzzle!...

Armed with this powerful concept I put my new and improved method back into action. I started with £100 and used my method exactly as I had done previously. To begin with I was making very small profits each day, but after few weeks I had multiplied my investment by 4 times its original size! After seven weeks, it was 10 times bigger and by the end of the ninth week it was TWENTY TIMES the original amount I started with.

Yes... £100 turned into £2000 in under 10 weeks!

The Steady Income Trader

“The Steady Income Trader”

From this point onwards my method produced around £200 every day or £1000 every week, and it still does to this day. Sometimes it will make even more by accident! This may seem like an unrealistic claim but there is a very special concept at work and it lies at the very heart of my method.

Most people in this day and age want to make their fortune overnight and are not willing to play the long game. If you are one of those people then I’m afraid this system is not for you. However, if you are happy to start off with a relatively small amount of money (£100 is ideal), this method will gradually build it up at a steady pace into an amount that you can use to generate yourself a substantial income for the rest of your life.

I have put together the method in such a way that it actually builds in more security and less risk as each week passes. Many systems out there today have a constant ratio of risk to reward and while they may go well for some time, there ultimately comes a time in any system (this one included) when things go against you. With most systems, if you have built up a nice amount of profit, the majority of it can be wiped out in one go. This method, however, actually adds in a further cushion of security to fall back on as you make more profit. In addition, all your risk is pre-determined so your investment will always remain safe.

So if it’s this easy, why aren’t more people doing it?

Well there are lots and lots of people doing this every day, but the majority of them already have large amounts of money to invest in this. It goes without saying that if you have more money to invest in something, then you need to make less of a return on that money in order to make the same profit as someone who has a tiny amount to invest. That is beauty of this method. It allows ANYBODY to grow a small amount of money (around £100) into a cash generating monster within just 10 weeks. That may sound like a long time to you, but if you bear in mind that by the end of those 10 weeks you will have created a substantial income for yourself, I think its well worth the wait! Don’t you?

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Everyone interested in making an income from home should have their own personal copy of this manual!

Maybe you’ve got a job at the moment. That’s great. But how about if you could give yourself an independent income – a safety net against redundancy, or even just some extra cash that can make the difference between existing and really living?

This method can be used during the day, evening or night, Monday to Friday. So whether you are looking for a part-time second income or a full time income, this will give you what you need and will exceed all your expectations.


The system has continuously achieved fantastic results since its release in January 2010, and those of you who have seen this page before will have seen a list of daily results shown here for every single day since the release of the method. Obviously there comes a point where this is no longer viable to show because there is simply not enough space to show all those results, so I will no longer be listing full results here.

Not every single trade generates a profit as no system is completely bulletproof, but those that do go against us give us a VERY minimal loss and are more than made up for by the profitable trades that we pick up.

Since January 2010, this method has only suffered 6 losing days in total. Every other day the system has made consistent profits of anywhere between 10 and 120+ pips per day.

Now, I need to point out here (without giving anything away) that the method only needs a modest number of pips per day to achieve the stated target profit. Most people decide to start trading the method at around 8am GMT, and the vast majority of the time the target profit level is reached within the first hour. The same applies for those who prefer to trade in the afternoon.

The upshot is that whatever times of the day you are available to trade, you will never bee too far away from reaching your daily target profit. Most days the system has produced profits of THREE to FIVE TIMES the daily profit target of pips consistently, giving plenty of opportunity to grab your daily target amount.

An important point to note here is that all these figures are based on letting the system tell you when to exit your trade. I have now updated the manual to include a new section which will allow you to reach your daily profit target much quicker than before, meaning that you can now make the most of every opportunity without throwing away any potential pips from your daily profit target.

Also, these results are only from one particular market that I trade on, you can use this on several markets at once if you wish, depending on what time of day you are available to trade.

So how much is this going to cost me?

More importantly, how much is this system going to make you? I asked friends and colleagues how much I should charge for this information as I had no idea. I know there are many trading systems and manuals out there which go well into four figures! Many more are in the mid hundreds. Perhaps because I have developed this myself, I can’t see it as anywhere near that sort of value, but considering the power of the method to generate such a solid, substantial income with such a small initial outlay, I can’t just give it away either.

So I’ve decided to release a limited number of copies for only £89.95 each ($139.00)



(Note: payments have to be processed in $ so £ sterling price above is approximate)

If you follow my method you will get that back, plus a profit, in the first few days alone! I will only be releasing a limited number of manuals at this price, after they have been allocated this offer will be withdrawn.

So Don’t Delay!

 Upon purchasing you will immediately be given a link to directly download your 15 page manual in PDF format, which is compressed as a .zip file.

Remember, once you arm yourself with this powerful method, you can turn your £100 investment into an income generating machine within only 10 weeks!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at